Lesion Alert Label

Allergy Alert Label for Nursing department.
Colours: Red, Black.
Adhesive: Permanent.
Size: 2.25cm x 1.6cm.
Quantity: 500 labels per roll.


Lesion Alert Label for Nursing department.
Colours: White, Black.
Adhesive: Permanent.
Size: 5.4cm x 2.25cm.
Quantity: 500 labels per roll.


Medi Press Australia is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of labels and sticker systems and solutions for the health care industry. Offering high quality label and stickers to assist various departments within health care organisations, hospitals, pharmacy and medical centres, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs. Our commitment to providing quality at a great price means you can have confidence that you can maintain the high level of patient care you provide, whilst not having to sacrifice on quality. Our service commitment to you ensures your department retains momentum without skipping a beat.


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