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Rainbow Trays

Colour Coded Anaesthetic Trays

Rainbow Trays™ provide a clean bacteriostatic environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anaesthetic drugs that allows for the segregation of routine, local and emergency drugs.


Rainbow Trays deliver on

four important issues:

• Supports the ASTM critical care colour code labelling system
• Standardises the logical progression of use from induction to reversal

• Physical separation of all drug types to reduce the risk of syringe swaps
• Complete segregation of emergency and local anaesthetics
• Keeps relevant ampoule with syringe for effective double checking

• Bacteriostatic material will not harbour any bacterial growth
• No dispersal of harmful pulp fibres in operating area
• Single use trays



is unique

Rainbow Trays are an innovative but simple product that will make a significant contribution to patient safety in all areas where anaesthesia is delivered.


Clean Bacteriostatic Environment

By replicating the critical care label colours into a standardised tray and defining a logical progression of use, Rainbow Trays can help to reduce the cognitive process especially in high stress and time sensitive situations for the safe administration of perioperative anaesthetic drugs and reduce the risk of syringe swaps.

Rainbow Trays™ provide a clean bacteriostatic environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anaesthetic drugs that allows for the segregation of routine, local and emergency drugs.


Avoid Accidental Use

Rainbow Trays comprise three separate trays; The Main Tray for routine drugs, The Local Tray for local anaesthetics needing to be kept separate from the routine drugs to avoid accidental use and The Emergency Tray for drugs only to be used in emergency situations.


Clear Separation

This configuration enables the routine, local and emergency drugs to be clearly separated with the two smaller trays being situated beneath the main routine tray if desired.

Anaesthesia Rainbow Trays Australia

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