At Medi Press, we understand that injectable medicines is a high risk therapy for patients and health care professionals.

25% of all medication incidents in acute care involve injectable medicines, but nearly 60% of medication errors that result in serious patient harm or death involve injectable medicines.

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. The National Strategy for Quality Use of Medicines. Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia; 2002.

We understand there is a recognised risk to the safe administration of medicines and that this risk is potentially preventable, especially if you mitigate the risk of incomplete or inaccurate labelling of injectable medicines and fluids.

Improved labelling can reduce the risk of error and harm by safely communicating the contents of injectable medicines containers and the patients for whom they are intended.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices. Medication Safety Alert. Acute Care – loud wake up call: unlabeled containers lead to patient’s death [web page]. Institute for Safe Medication Practices; 2004 [cited 2015 1 April]. Available from:

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